Jeff Howson – Past Projects

ICT Reviews (LA level and school level)

BSF Greenwich, BSF Waltham Forest, BSF Suffolk, BSF Liverpool, BSF Hull, Academies (Durham, Hull, Stockton, Rochdale) – involving over 100 schools and covering a technical and education review, with recommendations after engagement with all stakeholders.

Creation of Academies & Free Schools

4 Academies (Hull), 3 Academies (Durham), 3 Academies (Stockton on Tees), Harpenden Free School (Harpenden),Advance School (Croydon), Hackney UTC – as Education & ICT Consultant support the sponsor, staff and EFA to move from Vision to Reality, including stakeholder engagement and development of education brief, ICT vision, policies and procedures, curriculum, budgets (total cost of ownership), staffing and buildings.

Procurement (LA level and school level)

BSF Local Authorities, Leading Lives adult education (Suffolk), Adult Social Care (Rochdale), St Mary’s and St John’s (Barnet), Advance School (Newark), Harpenden Free School (Harpenden),Advance School (Croydon), St Cleres Trust (Thurrock) – provide advice and guidance through the procurement process, including writing documentation (e.g. ITT, ICT Requirements), engaging with bidders and evaluating tenders.

Change Management and CPD

BSF Suffolk, Waltham Forest LA, ST Cleres Trust, (Thurrock) – provide detailed change management and training programmes at a LA level as well as for individual schools, based on local need and linked to the strategy.

Nationwide (IRIS Connect) – providing a web based lesson observation system for staff CPD (Self Review, Mentoring & Coaching), including training.

Barnet – providing a Peer to Peer Review and Exchange Service where schools identify a problem to review and I act as a facilitator.


BSF Derbyshire, BSF Cambridgeshire, BSF Rochdale, St Cleres Trust – involving the training of staff on a wide variety of new technology and software (e.g.s. tablets,AV, iPads, IWBs, Lync, Office 365, Google Apps for Education, Photoshop, Programming, NEN projects, STEM, Web 2, Learning Platforms, E-Safety)


Provided a variety of courses and workshops.

Project Management

St Cleres Trust (Thurrock) project manage from start to finish, using prince 2 methodology, the creation of a multisite network involving 5 schools, to achieve the benefit of shared services and MIS data consolidation.

Leading Lives adult education (Suffolk) project manage the move from being a LA organisation, to one which is a social enterprise, involving 300 plus staff and included developing a vision and strategy and managing the procurement and implementation of IT as well as the selection and training of staff.

Adult Social Care (Rochdale) project manage the IT requirements.

LA Review (Doncaster) Project Manager and lead author of an ICT Review of the LA for the Council, It included an audit of all eLearning initiatives within the CLCs, Secondary and Primary schools, with recommendations, a Recovery Plan and Options Appraisal.

New Computing Curriculum & Curriculum Development

Next Generation Skills Panel Member – to determine the POS for the new computing curriculum

Developed new SOW – (KS2 & KS3) and Training workshops for the delivery nationwide of the new computing curriculum.

Hackney UTC & the Harmonize Academy (PRU) – develop the curriculum for these new schools, including vocational curriculum projects, working with local and national employers.

Project Development

Acts Ltd, E2BN, SEGfL, Knowledge Media Institute (Open University), Bongo Ltd – worked with a variety of technicians and designers to create many interactive online projects using a variety of new technologies for education (Flood Alert, Making the News, Flashmeeting, education apps, etc.)

School Improvement

Woodlands Academy Trust (Bexley), Denbigh High School (Luton), Challney Woods High School (Luton) – Undertaking an Ofsted style review, producing a detailed report with recommendations for improvement around systems development, management skills, pedagogy, AFL, Design Thinking, data analysis, student centred learning techniques, assessment, international links, and innovative classroom practice.